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SAP Team


The Student Assistance Program (SAP) Team is made up of teachers, counselors, the nurse, and administrators who have special training in helping adolescents through difficult situations that may affect their general well-being. The Team can help teens with family problems, depression, truancy, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, physical and sexual abuse, pregnancy, and chemical abuse.


How do I make a referral?


Call the Mifflinburg Area High School (570-966-8230) and ask to speak to an administrator, guidance counselor, or an SAP team member.


Speak to a guidance counselor, any SAP team member, or any teacher to make a referral. If you’re a friend of a student at Mifflinburg High School and you do not attend the Mifflinburg Schools, follow the same suggestions as those listed for PARENTS & COMMUNITY MEMBERS. *THERE IS ALSO A DROP BOX FOR REFERRALS IN THE LIBRARY.


Obtain a referral form from the office, faculty room, or from any SAP team member.


All referrals will be kept confidential by the SAP Team!

When do I make a referral?

It may be time to refer a student if you notice any of these signals:

~ Domestic violence, child abuse, rape, or other assault
~Previously attempted or spoken of suicide
~Developed significant changes in peer relationships
~Exhibits dare-devil or self-abusive behaviors
~Withdrawn socially from family, friends, and teachers
~Experiencing underachievement in school
~Exhibits signs of not wanting to finish school
~Is involved with a member of a family unit that abuses drugs
~Significant loss of a family member or friend (anniversary of loss)
~Diminished interest in usual pursuits
~Experienced broken or difficult family relationships
~Involvement in illegal behavior

Click on SAP Program Flyer below for a printable version of the information.

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Members of the HS SAP Team

  • Mr. Allen- High School Principal
  • Mr. Snayberger- High School Assistant Principal
  • Mrs. Dressler- Director of Student Services & AD
  • Mrs. Kerstetter- School Nurse
  • Miss Anderson - High School counselor
  • Mrs. Raup - High School Counselor
  • Mr. Dressler - High School Teacher
  • Mr. Langford - High School Teacher
  • Mr. Hetrick - High School Teacher
  • Mrs. Reitenbach - High School Teacher
  • Mrs. Kay - Social Worker
  • Mr. Baker - Family & Child Specialist


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