2020 Keystone Exams Notice to Parents and Guardians



Act 158 of 2018 provides an outline of five distinct pathways to meet graduation requirements starting with the graduating class of 2023.

Keystone Exams were not administered during the Spring 2020 school closure. Mifflinburg Area High School and Mifflinburg Area Middle School (Algebra 1) will be providing an opportunity for students to take the Keystone Exams.

The High School's Keystone testing windows are scheduled as follows:

Algebra 1-  February 25, 2021
Biology -    February 18-19, 2021
Literature - February 22-23, 2021

The High School will allow make-up tests on February 26th, and March 21st, 2021.  

Not participating in the Keystone Exams will eliminate two pathways for students to graduate. Please see the Pathways to Graduation outlined here.

Several pieces of information regarding the Keystone Exam are provided including:

FAQ's for Parents and Guardians, the Cell Phone Policy, the Calculator Policy, and the Student Code of Conduct for Test Takers.

Please contact your child's building principal should you have any questions regarding the assessment or assessment.