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Message from Superintendent Dan Lichtel

Parents, Guardians, and Students,

I am thankful for everything that parents and students are doing to stay connected to our schools, and I am also extremely grateful for the hard work we have seen from our educators here at Mifflinburg.

As you are aware, Secretary Rivera has called upon PA school districts to begin transitioning to more planned instruction. Given the existing inequities of access in our region, I understand that this directive could have the effect of widening the achievement gap if we are not methodical about our pursuit. Nevertheless, I believe it is imperative that we work to develop our abilities to offer new content in a distance learning environment, while taking care to avoid leaving any student behind. It may take some time for us to refine our delivery, because we know that some can complete schoolwork digitally, while others will need paper packets and personal communications. It will not be sufficient for us to say that we “made it available” without ensuring adequate learning effects for all students.

Over the past several weeks, our teachers and principals have been working on strategies to deliver more planned instruction for the final weeks of this school year. As we work to achieve greater consistency, please continue to communicate with your teachers and principals, and let them know if you need help.

I know many are wondering if the start of our next school year will also include remote learning. I would like to say that we will open in our traditional way in August, but I cannot promise that. This pandemic has produced uncertainty at every turn, and our need to remain flexible and adaptive is the key to progress at the current time. I expect that schools in the fall will need to continue our reliance on technology for many things, and that we may need to prepare to alternate between digital lessons and traditional ones.

Please continue to keep communication open with school personnel as we navigate this next month of the school year. As soon as we know how we can operate in the fall, we will let you know how to plan. Once again, thank you for your patience.

Daniel R. Lichtel, Superintendent
Mifflinburg Area School District