Ticket/Season Pass Information



    AUGUST – 2022


    1.  A $30.00 activity fee will be collected between August 15th and August 26th from all athletes and band members participating in activities.  This may be paid in the high school office.  A student cannot participate in any competition/event until this fee is paid. Fees can be paid by cash, check payable to "Mifflinburg Athletics" or through the school district's EZPay system.


    2.  Student athletic passes will be available beginning August 15th.  The price of this pass, regardless of grade or building, is $15.00.  Student athletic passes must be purchased at the school your child will be attending and a student photo is required.


    3.  Athletic event ticket prices for 2022-2023 will be as follows:

                    Varsity events (Fall and Winter):

    Adult - $5.00       Student - $3.00

                    Junior High/Junior Varsity Football, Junior High Basketball:

    Adult - $2.00       Student - $1.00


    4.  Adult All Season Passes will be available for $50.00.  These passes may be purchased from Mrs. Zimmerman in the High School office beginning August 15th.  These passes will admit you to all home athletic events (regular season only).  They will not admit you to playoff or postseason contests.


    5.  Adult Fall Season Passes or Winter Season Passes may be purchased in the High School office from Mrs. Zimmerman for $30.00 per person, per season.  Fall or Winter Season Passes will admit you to the following sports events (regular season only):


                    Fall Season Pass                                            

                    Varsity Football       

                    JV Football            

                    Junior High Football

                    Field Hockey        

                    Boys’ Soccer

                    Girls’ Soccer


                    Winter Season Pass 

                    Boys’ Basketball        

                    Girls’ Basketball        

                    Junior High Boys’ Basketball           

                    JH/Varsity Wrestling            

                    Junior High Girls’ Basketball            


    6.  Senior citizen athletic passes are available from Mrs. Zimmerman in the high school office.  To purchase these passes, you must be at least 62 years of age.  These passes may be purchased beginning the week of August 15th.  *If you already have a Senior Citizen pass, it does not need to be renewed each year.  If you are getting a Senior Citizen pass for the first time, there will be a one-time fee of $25.00.



    More information, season schedules and calendars for all Mifflinburg athletics are available by choosing the “Athletics” tab at www.mifflinburg.org