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  • Sporting events are not maintained on the district on-line calendar. The Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference (PHAC) manages the scheduling of most events.  Mifflinburg sports' schedules can be found at the following link:  Mifflinburg Wildcat Athletic Schedule

    Voluntary Workouts began on Monday, June 29th.

    Click here to view the MASD Athletics' Health & Safety Plan.

    Click here to view/print the MASD COVID-19 Pre-Participation Waiver.

    Information regarding fall sports and physicals:


    In Pennsylvania at the time of this email, we remain unsure of the prospect of fall athletics in our local school districts. In the Mifflinburg School District, we are committed to the well-being of our students and to safely providing opportunities for participation in school activities if they can comply to local and state guidelines. As time diminishes prior to the start of our fall sports seasons, we must make sure that our students have completed the necessary steps to be eligible for practices on Monday, August 17th (varsity football - August 10th). The two main requirements include the online registration of athletes by their parents/guardians and the PIAA pre-participation physical by a physician.

    If your child is interested in participating in MASD Fall sports (should they occur), the online registration site is ready. Visit and, under the 'Athletics' tab, choose the 'Sports Registration' link or follow this direct link: If your child has been registered for previous sports, then log-in and add your registrations for 2020-2021. (If you have forgotten your UserID or password, please email me at If your child has not been registered before, please click the 'I don't have an account' link and create your account before registering your child.

    In regards to the annual physical, due to the current pandemic, MASD strongly encourages each family to arrange for their child(ren) to get a physical through his/her own personal care physician. Please remember, your physician MUST complete and sign the required PIAA paperwork, so please pick up this paperwork in the HS office before visiting your physician. MASD is planning to offer our free physicals at the Mifflinburg High School at designated times by team - according to the following schedule - PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR:

    Tuesday, July 21:

                6:00 pm – Cheerleaders (grades 8-12)

                6:20 pm – Girls JH Softball (grades 7/8)

                6:35 pm – Girls Soccer (grades 9-12)

                7:00 pm – Field Hockey (grades 9-12)

                7:25 pm – Girls JH/Varsity Cross Country (grades 7-12)

                7:45 pm – Girls Varsity Tennis (grades 9-12)

    Tuesday, August 4:

                6:00 p.m. – Boys Soccer (grades 9-12)

                6:20 p.m. – Junior High Football (grades 7/8/9)

                6:50 p.m. – Boys JH/Varsity Cross Country (grades 7-12)

                7:20 p.m. – Varsity Golf (grades 9-12)

                7:30 p.m. – Varsity Football (grades 10-12)

    Athletes ONLY should enter the building (with the completed PIAA paperwork), arriving 15 minutes prior to the team's assigned time. MASKS MUST BE WORN WHEN ENTERING THE BUILDING AND THROUGHOUT THE PHYSICALS. Also, as mentioned earlier, these PIAA Physicals must be completed on the appropriate paperwork. Parents should complete Sections 1 through 5 BEFORE arriving for physicals. Paperwork is available in the HS office from 9 am to 3 pm on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday, 9 am to noon on Wed. 


    Eldon Hoy, Athletic Director, Mifflinburg Area School District



    COVID-19 Fitness-for-All, Click the link for a Workout Program from Home.

    To Participate in Mifflinburg Athletics for your first sport of each school year:

    1.  Register for Mifflinburg Athletics by visiting and linking to "Sports Registration" under the "Athletics" tab.  At the registration site, (if this is the first time you registered) choose "Activity Registration" under the "Registration" menu.  Answer all of the questions and choose "Pay Later".  You will then be asked to set-up your Family Account.  Please write down your username and password for future reference.  If you have registered before, log-in to your Family Account and complete/edit the registration - choosing "Pay Later" at the end.

    2.  Complete and submit the PIAA CIPPE form (tan/gold/yellow packet).  Sections 1 through 5 must be completed and signed by the parent and athlete, while Section 6 must be completed by a physician.  Download the Physical Forms.

    3.  Complete the required HIPAA form and Medical History form for our Geisinger trainer.

    4.  Pay the $30 activity fee.  Check payable to "Mifflinburg Athletics".


    When the student/athlete then enrolls for any subsequent sports in the same school year, he/she must:

    1.  Register by visiting and linking to "Sports Registration" under the "Athletics" tab.  Log-in to your Family Account.

    2.  Complete and submit Sections 7 and 8 of the PIAA CIPPE form (blue).


    All athletes must have a completed physical in order to participate in the practices and events of any sports' season.  The Mifflinburg Area School District offers dates for physicals.  If you do not attend one of the district-offered physical dates, you will need to have your family physician perform the physical and sign your physical forms.  

    Parents, please understand that your child will not be able to participate until all of the athletic forms are completed and the activity fee is paid. If paid by check, please make it payable to “Mifflinburg Athletics” and submit it to the high school office.  The activity fee is a one-time fee for the school year.

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