Bad Weather Notification

  • 1. For delay and cancellation calls, only a single household phone number is called by the BlackBoard Connect system. If you chose at some time to opt-out of receiving phone calls from the District, you will not receive delay and cancellation messages. 

    2. For early dismissals, cell phone and work numbers are additionally used for a BBC broadcast. The broadcast will take much longer but allows us to get better coverage knowing that many parents will no longer be at home.

    3. Only legal guardians or natural parents with correspondence rights are contacted by BBC up to two contacts per child with three phones possible per contact.

    4. An icon is displayed at when there is a dismissal or closure.

    5. Call the district main number of 570-966-8200.  Option #6 gives weather related cancellations, postponements, and delays.

    6.  WARNING: Should you switch from one carrier to another carrier while retaining the same number, you might lose the ability to receive future notifications.  Upon termination, the former carrier often issues an alert to calling services telling them through an automated process that a number has been discontinued and should not be called.  If this should happen to you, contact tech services.

    The success of notifications hinge on factors such as the BlackBoardConnect server, BBConnect's contracted phone providers, the local phone provider, household phone units, local internet providers, local cell phone providers, and energy/power providers. A simple setting change by one provider can lead to unanticipated consequences within a week after a successful broadcast. Regretfully, technology does flounder and in ways often outside of our control.  Therefore, the following are also sources of weather related information for our district that you might want to consider when there is inclement weather.

    WBRE-TV, Channel 28
    WNEP-TV, Channel 16
    WYOU-TV, Channel 22
    WPGM-1570 AM, Danville
    WJSA, Jersey Shore
    WGRC, Lewisburg
    WMLP, Sunbury
    WYGL-1240 AM, Selinsgrove
    WLGL-92.3 FM, Selinsgrove
    WYGL-98.3 FM, Selinsgrove
    WKOK-1070 AM, 107.3 FM, Sunbury
    WQKX-94.1 FM, Sunbury
    WKSB (KISS-FM) - 102.7 FM, Williamsport
    WRAK-1400 AM, Williamsport
    WILQ-105.1 FM, Williamsport
    WEGH-107.3 FM, Sunbury