Parent Technology Guide

  • Parent’s Guide to Mifflinburg Technology Tools

    District Website:

    The school district’s website currently offers information such as building events, a staff directory, lunch menus, teacher webpages, honor rolls, and much more.  Parents can also subscribe to early dismissal alerts and other news features.  Parents can receive text message and email notifications of early dismissals.

    The website can also host exciting classroom news and special accomplishments. Staff members have been instructed to not post a student’s picture unless permission has been granted on the media form that was issued on the first day of school. 

    BlackBoard Connect

    The Blackboard Connect emergency notification system is used to contact parents when a child is marked absent in the classroom, for school cancellations, for notifying parents as quickly as possible about an emergency situation, and also for occasional calls from building administrators relative to building related issues. The local phone grid has increasingly struggled with incoming phone calls resulting in dropped calls and busy signals not permitting BlackBoard Connect to complete the call. We might also guess that the local grid itself becomes busy as households contact other parties to make arrangements for weather related events.  If there is a suspicion of a weather related event, parents should certainly listen to the local media. Additionally,  and a menu option at the district's main number of 966-8200 can provide information on these events. Be sure to check out Bad Weather Notification details in this same Parent menu for additional details.

    Chromebooks (Grades 2-12) and iPads (K-1)

    The school district utilizes student devices as a tool to aid in the delivery of curriculum for our students. 


    ESchoolData is a great parenting tool.  For direction on creating an account, choose the eSchoolData information in this same parent area. Course grades, report cards, attendance information, and lunch balances are available in eSchoolData. 


    EZSchoolPay gives parents the opportunity to make lunch payments online. A parent account can be created by choosing the registration button at the login window. Lunch balances are visible in EZSchoolPay.

    Schoology and Google Apps

     Neither of these applications are parent objects.  Many teachers are currently posting student resources and activities in Schoology. Many students also do collaborative work with classmates using Google apps such as Slides, Sheets, and Docs.