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  • Welcome 2 eSchoolData  (eSD)

    Creating an Account

    Before getting started, consider the following comments.

    • All legal guardians and natural parents of Mifflinburg students with correspondence rights qualify for an account. Household papers were sent home on the first day of school to verify all such individuals.  To create a unique parent account id, the parent must have an email account registered in our system as a result of the first-day guardian papers. To proceed, a parent must also know the student identification number for only one of his/her children. This number is available as your child's lunch ID or available by contacting your child's building. The numbers are typically 5 or 6 digits in length.     
    • eSD is designed to only work with either Safari or Google Chrome. The District is not responsible for providing support and/or advice related to computers, devices, and browsers that are not owned by the District and that do not function properly with eSD.   
    • Registration for qualified guardians/parents begins at the link listed at the top.  Choose the Online Registration link at the login screen. As you move through the registration process, you only need to provide the school ID number for one of your children. When your account is approved, you will receive an email with a critical link that you must click in order for your account to become active

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.  I created an account but it was never activated.

    A.  Account requests are typically reviewed within 24 hours.  An email is auto-generated when you first create your account and a second is sent when District personnel approve the account. The 2nd email contains a critical link that you must use to activate your account.  Many providers are blocking this email as spam or junk.

    Q.  I created an account, checked my Spam and Junk folders, but did not receive the confirmation email. What can I do?

    A.  Contact the District Office at 570-966-8200 to assist you in activating your account. Choose District Wide services from the menu options and then choose the ESchoolData assistance option.

    Q.  When beginning the registration process, I am not seeing our school district.

    A.   Be sure to use either Safari or Google Chrome as your Internet browser. Pop-ups must be allowed for eSD. Although Chrome is not a supported browser for eSD, many users are having good success with it. 

    Q.  I have a kindergarten student.  Why don't I see any grades?

    A.  Kindergarten teachers do not record grades in ESchoolData.

    Q.  My student's SUN Area CTC grades are not visible.

    A.   Grades and scores for courses taught at SUN Area are assigned and maintained  in their own system.  However, report card and attendance information are forwarded to MASD at the conclusion of the marking period and are visible in eSD.

    Q.   My computer doesn't work very well.  Is there an app for my SmartPhone?

    A.   After you have created an account, open in your Apple or Android browser.

    Q.  As a busy parent, I often forget to check my children's grades on a regular basis.  Do you have any good memory tricks?

    A.  We don't have tricks, but there are helpful email notifications for parents of middle and high school students. Check out the below file that describes how to set them up in eSchoolData.  If your child's grade or assignments dip below a certain level that you specify, you will get an email alert. 


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