Student Transportation

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    General Transportation Information

    About Us
    The Transportation Department of the Mifflinburg Area School District is a part of the Student Services Department of the district. It is the goal of the Mifflinburg Area School District and its contracted carrier, Rohrer, to provide safe transportation service in accordance with the Pennsylvania School Code and Pennsylvania State Transportation Code to all students except those who reside within designated walking areas.
    Only those students who meet the eligibility requirements by means of proof of residence will be permitted to use school bus transportation for the purpose of travel to and from school unless otherwise authorized by the Superintendent or their designee. Under Pennsylvania State Law, the district also provides bus service to private and parochial schools within ten miles from the boundaries of the school district - currently, this includes Penn View Christian, Norhumberland Christian and Meadowbrook Christian.  
    Bus Schedule
    Bus schedules have been carefully prepared to accommodate the transportation needs of the district. The times are approximate and subject to revision. Students are required to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the designated time. Bus assignments for Mifflinburg Area School District students are provided via the Parent Portal in ESchoolData.
    Transportation Information for private and parochial students are provided via a direct phone call prior to the start of the school year. If you have questions, please contact the Transportation Office. In order to request transportation to a private or parochial school, the form below must be completed and submitted to the Trnasportation office.
    Bus Transportation Safety
    We are very proud of the safety record and the high quality of our state inspections. Our vehicles are annually inspected by the state police and consistently maintained throughout the school year.
    Behavior Standards
    The bus driver is in charge of the vehicle, and his or her instructions are to be obeyed. Buses carrying students will be considered as extensions of the school setting. A high standard of student behavior on school buses and while entering or leaving the buses is expected and will be required. Any student whose conduct on a school vehicle is found improper will be subject to disciplinary procedures as per appropriate grade and building level discipline codes. Smoking, vaping, throwing objects from the bus or windows, rowdyism, standing while the bus is in motion, deliberate delays in boarding, unauthorized transferring to another bus, opening of emergency doors without the driver's permission (except in bona fide emergencies), distracting the attention of the driver, failure to cooperate with the driver, or any conduct detrimental to safe bus operation will result in a review of the offending student's opportunity to continue to ride the bus, and may cause permanent loss of this privilege or suspension from school. Damage to the vehicle will be charged to the student responsible.
    All buses serving Mifflinburg Area School District transportation needs are subject to being both video and audio recorded to assist in ensuring that the students are transported in a manner that protects them as well as the vehicle operator from physical injury, verbal abuse, or threats. Such recordings, both audio and video, may be utilized in all disciplinary investigations of students and employees of the Mifflinburg Area School District and its contracted service providers. 
    The Mifflinburg Area School District is responsible for disciplining students who misbehave at the bus stop or riding to and from school. Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their own children on the way to and on the way from the bus stop.
    Bus Routes and Services
    Except when otherwise determined by the School Board for reasons of safety of students and vehicles, expediting routes, or convenience to the district, school buses will be routed through plans of homes only when a continuous forward progress can be maintained.
    • The District will comply with all requirements of the "Hazardous Roads" Act.
    • The District buses will not travel into streets or roads terminating in a cul-de-sac or dead end, except for special situations that involve special needs students.
    • Transportation vehicles will be routed in the most efficient manner consistent with safety and State law.
    • The Transportation Department will develop a plan annually for eliminating or consolidating bus stops.
    Procedures for New Students or Change of Address
    No student will be assigned transportation until the proper documentation has been submitted to the school the student will be attending. Non Public students are entitled to the same transportation service as public school students. The non-public school must be approved by the Department of Education and the school must be located with-in a ten mile radius of the nearest districts boundary. Once registered, the information is sent to the transportation office for a bus assignment. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for this process as some buses may have to be rerouted to accommodate a new stop. All Mifflinburg Area School District students can access the Parent Portal in their ESchoolData account for updates. All non-public students will be contacted. Please note that District policy requires that parents provide three (3) items as proof of residency upon registration or change of address. Those items may include: Mortgage or lease agreements (temporary proof only), Driver’s license, Auto registration, Utility bills, Tax statements, Check stubs from wages, public assistance, or social security.
    Alternative Transportation Stop
    The Mifflinburg Area School District recognizes and understands the needs for alternative transportation arrangements and/or schedules for the needs of childcare and split custody agreements. A student is afforded ONE alternative location for transportation. These arrangements must be submitted, via our online form (link above), to the transportation department. A bus pass may be issued for the school year, as needed, due to baby sitting or when both parents live at different addresses within the Mifflinburg Area School District. NO DAY PASSES WILL BE ISSUED. Bus passes will be allowed as long as there is room on the buses. Periodically there are buses that are too full to allow bus passes to be issued. When issued, bus passes will only be given for students to be dropped off and picked up at an approved stop location. It is illegal for a school bus to stop at any location not listed on the approved bus route to pick students up or drop them off.
    Opening Day Information


    All Mifflinburg Area School District students, approximately 10 days prior to the first day of school, can find their bus assignments, stop location, and approximate pick-up times for the upcoming school year on the ESchoolData Parent Portal. If you need assistance accessing your Parent Portal account, please contact the district administrative office.

    Many Mifflinburg borough residents' children in kindergarten through fifth grade will continue to be provided busing, with stops at Fourth and Market Streets: Seventh and Market Streets; the parking lot of the Mifflinburg swimming pool: the corner of Thompson and Third Streets; on Market Street in front of the High School; and the intersection of Gessner Road and Shelly Lane. All remaining routes will continue this year relatively unchanged.

    Mifflinburg borough resident students in grades six through eight, who are considered walkers, may catch a bus from the High School between 7:15 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. to ride to the Middle School.  At the end of the day they can catch a Middle School first-wave bus to take them back to the Mifflinburg High School.

    Classes will begin with a three hour delay the first day of classes. Because of this start time, buses will run on a three-hour delay for the morning run on that day only.


    Transportation Department Phone Number: 966-8246.