Student Transportation

  • Opening Day Information


    All Mifflinburg Area School District students are notified in the beginning of August about their bus assignments, stop location, and approximate pick-up times for the upcoming school year.

    Many Mifflinburg borough residents' children in kindergarten through fifth grade will continue to be provided busing, with stops at Fourth and Market Streets: Seventh and Market Streets; the parking lot of the Mifflinburg swimming pool: the corner of Thompson and Third Streets; on Market Street in front of the High School; and the intersection of Gessner Road and Shelly Lane. Families have already been contacted if other changes to bus routes will affect them. All remaining routes will continue this year unchanged.

    Mifflinburg borough resident students in grades six through eight, who are considered walkers, may catch a bus from the High School between 7:15 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. to ride to the Middle School.  At the end of the day they can catch a first wave bus to take them back to the Mifflinburg High School.

    Classes will begin with a three hour delay the first day of classes. Because of this start time, buses will run on a three-hour delay for the morning run on that day only.

    General Information

    The school district provides transportation for students not living within walking distance of their schools and for students with special needs.

    Bus drivers have authority to maintain control on their buses.  Smoking, disruptive behavior, profane language, dangerous objects and yelling are not permitted.

    Bus students may legally only ride their assigned bus and get off their bus at their assigned stop.  The only exception to this is if a parent note is provided, requesting their child or children to ride a different bus or to get off at a stop other than their own stop, even if they are riding their assigned bus. 

    At the elementary and intermediate schools, students need to bring parent notes into school and give them to their teacher.  The teacher will make sure that your child gets a bus pass by the end of the school day.  At the middle school, students must take their parent notes to the office to get a bus pass.  Students at the high school are to turn the parent notes in at the attendance office to receive a bus a bus based on their primary home address.  If they will need to go to a different address, they must have a bus pass.  A bus pass may be issued for the school year as needed due to baby sitting or when both parents live at different addresses within the Mifflinburg Area School District.

    Bus passes will be allowed as long as there is room on the buses.  Periodically there are buses that are too full to allow bus passes to be issued. When issued, bus passes will only be given for students to be dropped off and picked up at an approved stop location.  It is illegal for a school bus to stop at any location not listed on the approved bus route to pick students up or drop them off.

    Transportation Department Phone Number: 966-8230.