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    Who is your Eighth Grade Social Studies teacher at Mifflinburg Middle School?

    My name is Tim Johnson. This will be my 24th year full time and 29th overall in the Mifflinburg Area School District. I have been going to school since I was 4 so I have been going to school for more than 47 years.

    I currently live in New Berlin with my two children. My family was originally from Mazeppa, thus the name, "Johnson Mill Road!" My father, grandmother, and aunt were all teachers with the latter two having taught in the Mifflinburg School District.

    I have a strong work ethic which was instilled in me by my family. I have held jobs working in a feed and flour mill (8 years), driving delivery truck (6 years), being a cemetery caretaker (10 years), farming (5 years), a lumberjack assistant (2 years), construction(built two barns/silo's), painting houses and barns( 5 years), driving school bus, reading water meters (4 years) and teaching (29 years). Hard work is something that I expect of myself. I am dedicated to my job and spend most weeknights and weekends at the school working on lesson plans, grades, research and curriculum.  My most important job is being a parent although my kids complain I spend more time at school than with them but they too understand the importance of a strong work ethic.

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