Scribbles from the Art Room - ART NEWS & VIEWS

  • Hello and welcome back for the 2016-2017 school year!!! As you will discover we have been busy with new and exciting forms of technology including my attempt at a web page. I have planned many new technology oriented possibilities for the school year. The use of E-Portfolios for our advanced classes and the use of more current computer programs for some of our other courses.

    This is the beginning of my 19th year here at Mifflinburg High School. And my 22nd year teaching overall. I've always wanted to be an art teacher since I was about 10 years old and I feel that passion comes out in my classroom as I teach what I love and get the students to enjoy it as well.

    I hope you will enjoy your time in my classroom as I am always willing to try new projects, the latest materials and innovative techniques. Get ready to be CREATIVE! 

    Take a step into my classroom.