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Mr. Godlewski

Hello everyone, 

My name is Mr. Godlewski and I am one of the Family Consumer Science teachers at the highschool. 

Below you will find the classes that I teach and what we will be going over on each day along with any assignments your student will have.  

Foods for life classes:

We will be cooking our final food lab and discussing what foods can help with depression, anxiety, physical illness, etc.  Students assignment will be a short power point on what foods affect the before mentioned emotions.  


Intro to baking:

We will be doing event planning,  Students will be working in their kitchen groups planning a random event that they will pick.  Groups will have to present their plan at the end of the week.  


Intro to Nutrition


We will be doing a review project.  Students will be doing a complete health plan overhaul.  We will be planning a diet, fitness, goals, and both a meal calendar and workout schedule.


Global foods

We will be discussing our final area of the world.  We will be talking about Oceania, and also cooking our final lab at the end of the week.  



All assignments can be found in your childs schoology page.  

If you have any questions please contact me via email at