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    I have been teaching at Mifflinburg High School since the spring of 2016. I have been teaching Technology Education since 2008 and learned a lot about teaching in my 8 years in New Jersey. I hope to bring my experience to convert my courses from the Industrial Arts age to Technology Education. I know that jobs and careers can change quickly and students need to be able to adapt to remain competitive in the work force. My goal is to prepare students by helping students become  and problem solvers, critical thinkers, and designers. I hope to influence students to embrace and enjoy new technology through the implementation of STEM-related projects and courses. 

    My Education
    I am a graduate of: 
    and I am a few classes away from a degree from Wilkes University (Master's).

    My Interests / Hobbies
    I have always been interested in architecture, photography, and videography. In the past few years I have gained interest in gardening, which has taught me a lot about patience.
Mr Sunderland