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District email addresses have been created to receive parental excuses for student absences.
Please be aware that all excuses for your child should be sent within 3 days of an absence.

Regular attendance is important for success in school.  By law, students are excused from school only for illness, quarantine, death in the immediate family or emergencies.

High school and middle school students who are absent or late should report to the office, immediately upon returning to school, with a note signed by a parent stating the reason for being absent or late.  The reason for the absence is recorded and kept for the school year.  If an excuse is not submitted within three school days of the return to school, the absence will be regarded as illegal.  Intermediate and Elementary students receive excuses to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to school.  If an excuse is not returned after three school days, the absence will be regarded as illegal.

Parental excuses are accepted unless circumstances lead school officials to believe the proper reason for absence or lateness was not reported, or if a student shows a pattern of absence or lateness.  If a school official believes such an incident has occurred, a doctor's excuse may be required for further absences throughout the remainder of the school year.  If a doctor's excuse is required and none is provided, the absence will be regarded as illegal.

Once students under 18 have reached three unexcused absences, their parents or guardians receive a notice of attendance violation of the Pennsylvania School Code.  For subsequent unlawful absences, the parent, guardian or student is subject to fine and/or arrest as defined by school law.  Also, students may have their driver's licenses revoked (or withheld) for a period of 90 days on the first offense and up to six months on the second offense.

Absences for educational trips must be approved by the student's principal.  The form to request approval, available in school offices,  must be filed at least five days before the proposed trip.  Educational trips during final exams may not be approved.

Absence blanks, appointment slips, and Educational Trip Forms are also available at the bottom of this page. 

If you need to contact us regarding any attendance issues, please call your child's building office.

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