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Varsity Athletics

The Wildcat Archives

Mifflinburg Wildcats


Welcome to the Mifflinburg Wildcat Archives. The links to the left will allow you to choose a Mifflinburg varsity sport. Each sport's page includes a table outlining the years (seasons) of existence for the sport, the coach, the team's record and a listing of noteworthy accomplishments.

These pages are under construction. Information provided was collected from Mifflinburg's annual Nautilus' in 2012 by Eleanor Hoy. Additional information was collected by Eldon Hoy, Athletic Director, and Ashtin Klingler, teacher, from the annual End-of-Season Reports submitted by coaches. 

We welcome any additions or substantiated corrections to our annals. We also wish to someday hope to include a bank of trusted graphics; including team photos, individual award photos and/or championship pictures. Please submit digital images to - with descriptions. We reserve the right to include only those photos that we choose and can validate.

Danielle Dressler
Athletic Director, MASD