Principal's Page

  • Elementary School Principal

    Mr. James Case


    District Mission Statement

    The Mifflinburg Area School District is committed to academic excellence, including the cultivation of individual strengths and talents so that all students may become independent, disciplined, and productive adults in a global society.

    Vision Statement

    Through a commitment to shared beliefs and values, the Mifflinburg Area School District adopts the following principles for all district programs. The District's commitment to excellence is highly dependent upon the effective adoption of these non-negotiable suppositions, which form the foundation for decisions.

    1. Everything we do is about educating young people.

    2. With effort, everyone can achieve.

    3. Schools are safe, engaging environments for learning.

    4. Parents are our partners.

    5. Working together makes us stronger.

    6. Everyone needs help sometimes.

    7. No two students are the same.

    8. We embrace challenge.


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