Syllabus American Cultures II

  • American Cultures II is a full year companion course to American Cultures I designed for students in tenth grade. Students will examine America’s experience from the post-Reconstruction and the development of the Industrial Age to the present day. This course utilizes a humanities-based approach in which students will be given the opportunity to research and complete formal writing assignments and projects.


    Students will be able to identify changes in daily life following the Civil War reconstruction time period.  The students will explain the numerous inventions and technological advances that spurred Big Business and the American Economy.  Students will describe the immigration influx and the treatment workers faced in the factories that resulted in Unions Striking.


    The course further examines the effort of the United States to expand outside of U.S. borders and become a world power. This effort of imperialism sets the stage for the United States entering the conflict in Europe known as the Great War and eventually taking the U.S. into a period of isolationism during the Roaring ‘20’s and The Great Depression. Dictatorships in Europe eventually lead the United States into WWII, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The entrance of the United States into a Cold War with the Soviet Union carries the U.S. through 40 plus years of turmoil and conflict surrounding communism and includes events such as the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and eventually the Vietnam Conflict. An effort is made to complete an overview of major events that happen in the United States from the end of the Vietnam Conflict through present day.