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  • Sporting events are not maintained on the district on-line calendar. The Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference (PHAC) manages the scheduling of most events.  Mifflinburg sports' schedules can be found at the following link:  Mifflinburg Wildcat Athletic Schedule

    COVID-19 Fitness-for-All, Click the link for a Workout Program from Home.

    Spring Sports Cancelled

    I was so sorry to hear Governor Wolf's message on April 9th that our PA schools were closed for the rest of the year.  Of course, with the school closure comes the cancellation of our spring sports seasons (see the following link from PIAA):  

    We all share in our disappointment surrounding our nation's situation, but, as parents, coaches and sports fans, we are so close to the misfortune of our student-athletes that had such high hopes for this spring.  We feel such heartbreak for those seniors who planned to play possibly their last season of a competitive sport.  

    Along with the cancelled competitions, more sadly comes the missed opportunities for camaraderie, the building of leadership skills, the creation of life-long memories and our young people's chance to build on the already-existing pride in our community.  We all have WILDCAT PRIDE and I am so sad to see our athletes miss out on their chance to wear NAVY & WHITE this spring.

    With this huge setback comes an opportunity to improve - as coaches, athletes and citizens.  Below is a link to a positive video that I ask you to watch.  Everything is relative to an individual's situation and perspective is everything, but many have faced extremely tough situations and overcome - like the presenter of the video below.  Our Mifflinburg athletes and coaches will do so also.  We all know that our reaction to adversity is one of the most important lessons that we can derive from sports. Your families and our athletes' families may be facing the biggest obstacle of our lives as families struggle financially, emotionally and socially during the national shutdown throughout the spread of COVID-19.  During this time of isolation, we have opportunities to improve, reach out to others less fortunate, learn and prepare.

    The short video is a quick message specifically addressing what students can do in the face of the Coronavirus, but it applies to all of us.  I know that I personally have been working to accomplish/learn things that I normally did not have the time to pursue.

    From the website of the presenter:  The video is by Kevin Atlas (formerly Kevin Laue), whose faith and perseverance helped him become an NCAA Division I basketball player, despite being born with only one arm. Kevin's arduous journey to earning a scholarship to Manhattan College in New York City and becoming the first NCAA Division I basketball player missing a limb has given him keen insights to help anyone who feels trapped and defeated by less-than-perfect circumstances, whether physical, mental, or environmental.  Kevin doesn't encourage readers to simply accept and live with their challenges, hurts, and losses. He spurs them on to believe any weakness can, in reality, become the one thing that propels them to achieve their greatest potential.

    I hope you all stay safe until we have the opportunity to be back together again as athletes, parents, coaches and fans of the Mifflinburg Wildcats!  

    Eldon Hoy  
    Athletic Director
    Mifflinburg Area School District

    To Participate in Mifflinburg Athletics for your first sport of each school year:

    1.  Register for Mifflinburg Athletics by visiting and linking to "Sports Registration" under the "Athletics" tab.  At the registration site, (if this is the first time you registered) choose "Activity Registration" under the "Registration" menu.  Answer all of the questions and choose "Pay Later".  You will then be asked to set-up your Family Account.  Please write down your username and password for future reference.  If you have registered before, log-in to your Family Account and complete/edit the registration - choosing "Pay Later" at the end.

    2.  Complete and submit the PIAA CIPPE form (tan/gold/yellow packet).  Sections 1 through 5 must be completed and signed by the parent and athlete, while Section 6 must be completed by a physician.  Download the Physical Forms.

    3.  Complete the required HIPAA form and Medical History form for our Geisinger trainer.

    4.  Pay the $30 activity fee.  Check payable to "Mifflinburg Athletics".


    When the student/athlete then enrolls for any subsequent sports in the same school year, he/she must:

    1.  Register by visiting and linking to "Sports Registration" under the "Athletics" tab.  Log-in to your Family Account.

    2.  Complete and submit Sections 7 and 8 of the PIAA CIPPE form (blue).


    All athletes must have a completed physical in order to participate in the practices and events of any sports' season.  The Mifflinburg Area School District offers dates for physicals.  If you do not attend one of the district-offered physical dates, you will need to have your family physician perform the physical and sign your physical forms.  

    Parents, please understand that your child will not be able to participate until all of the athletic forms are completed and the activity fee is paid. If paid by check, please make it payable to “Mifflinburg Athletics” and submit it to the high school office.  The activity fee is a one-time fee for the school year.

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