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Mr. Godlewski

Hello everyone, 

My name is Mr. Godlewski and I am one of the Family Consumer Science teachers at the highschool. 

Below you will find the classes that I teach and what we will be going over on each day along with any assignments your student will have.  

Foods for life classes:

This week we will be talking about the uses of eggs and how to cook them.  We will attempt to have two different labs our first will be how to cook eggs, and the second will be how to make homemade pasta.   

Intro to baking:

We will be practicing our piping techniques and designing our cake for our the first baking competition.   

Food Science 

 We will be talking about a few different ways to cook eggs.  With this will come a cooking lab were students will need to replicate a cooking style for eggs that will be shown by me.   

Nutrious cooking

We will be discussig nutrients and how the body uses them.  We will also be discussing the food guide pyramid.  Students assignments this week will include a webquest about fad diets and a discussion on why we pick the food we do.   

 Global Foods

This week we will be cooking our recipes from the Northeastern US.  After our lab is finished we will be moving on to the Southeastern US.  We will be talking about what influences southern cuisine and then finding recipes to cook that are southern in nature.  

All assignments can be found in your childs schoology page and are subject to change due to weather.  

If you have any questions please contact me via email at