• Welcome to Mifflinburg Ag Department! My name is Mrs. Spurrier; I have been teaching at Mifflinburg since 2011. 

  • Monday 16th

    NOCTI Prep - Students will be working on their Mech/Production hands-on skill packets.


    Landscaping - Students will be working on understanding scale and porportion.

    Animal Science - We will continue to watch the Documentary on Temple Grandin and her amazing works in Animal Behavior

    Engines - We will be comparing stroke and Govenor systems

    Tuesday 24th

    Ag Products and Services - We continue to explore how odd ball fruits, veggies and herbs are produced and processed in the commercial sense.

    Vet Science - We will be doing our Pill Filling Lab

    Intro to Ag - Students are beginning their Creed Presentations today and we will also continue to work their prepared speech outlines.